Sunday, April 16, 2006

i wore hijab to al-quds, jerusalem, this last wednesday. it ended up looking more like a fashion statement than hijab. but it did provoke different social responses from people. if i assessed the experience accurately, it seemed as though the men were more respectful towards me (no cheesy pick-up lines), and people seemed to receive me more as one of them. not that they hadn't previously received as a part of the community...but i guess that makes sense.

as for jerusalem, the instance i walk into the old city, i feel a strange sense of belonging and familiarity which i cant quite describe or articulate fully. i do know that i love the old city, it feels like home, but i also know that the social aspects of life there leave much to be desired...the racism that exists towards palestinians is intolerable, and the israelis enjoy legal liberties that aren't granted to its palestinian-israeli citizens. the raw beauty of jerusalem is to be rivalled and i wish that it was not crowded with its various man-made problems from the occupation.

last week, when volunteering with the girls from the refugee camp, i brought in my i-pod and played 'somewhere over the rainbow' for them. i had typed up the lyrics leaving some of the words missing so they could fill in the blanks. they were so funny, when they first heard the song they kept shouting "we can't understand anything!! i dont know ANY of the words!" so i sang along and after a few minutes, they were singing along with me. i would truly love if these girls could go as many places as possible because opportunities for travel, even within their own land, come once in a bluemoon. i want to take them to jerusalem because many of them have never been and i know that once they reach the age of 16, they will not be allowed to go. it's a nice little law that the state of israel has imposed on the palestinian people--jerusalem is illegal territory for palestinians unless you have an israeli i.d. card which very few possess. so im crossing my fingers that something can work out-i know that it'd be a really great trip for all of us. i'm pretty sure that most of those girls will never have the chance or means to travel outside the west bank or even the refugee camp. kinda like the inner-city and poor neighborhoods in the US...


Anonymous Ahuebrazil said...

Nadia I understand.
It's real injustice to with palestinians! It's everyday..I lived this :-(
I don't know the end for this...
but I believe someday that it will change...
I hope so.


10:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


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1:36 PM  
Anonymous Rana said...

hey nadia, did your hijab practice in Amman help @ all? JK Keep up the amazing work habibti, you inspire me....One day we will experience Pali together Inshallah!I can only wish I was there...
Luv ya, take care of yourself- Rana

12:39 AM  
Anonymous Rana said...

hey nadia, did your hijab practice in Amman help @ all? JK Keep up the amazing work habibti, you inspire me....One day we will experience Pali together Inshallah!I can only wish I was there...
Luv ya, take care of yourself- Rana

12:39 AM  
Anonymous Shereen said...

Hi Nadia,
My name is shereen. Im 20 yrs old and am currently a student at the University of Texas, austin. This summer I'm going to be staying in the west bank for five weeks, in a town called birzeit, pretty close to ramallah. I'm looking for some good volunteer opportunities, and was wondering what it is that you're doing, and if you know of anything I might do.

My email is, and I would love to hear from you.

Thanks for your time,

2:04 PM  
Blogger Diego said...

Ciao Nadia. Some months ago my love passed me 'somewhere over the rainbow', Iz Kamakawiwo'ole version. I'm happy to know you played it in Ramallah. It gives strength.


1:07 AM  
Blogger KFH KING said...

hi i am salah i take class with you but you dont seem to show up. always helping the kidsm which is good and i hope your haveing fun and i bet that they are likeing it to.

12:07 PM  
Anonymous Martown said...

yea yea yea, we're all huge fans and want a piece of nadiabar and such but the million dolla question is when do we get more? why tease us when everyday is an opportunity to peer into a world unimaginable to people like myself typing in the comforts of etna house with a belly full of vegan sloppy joes and potato salad. i've tasted your passion and it's addictive. i realize that last comment was unwarrented and mistakenly perverse so i shall go pass out amongst the bug ridden bed of mine and iva's room. (i need your blogs to show me how trivial my bug bites really are) i love you nadia bar and no boy no matter how much he looks like you can ever take that away from me

2:06 AM  
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