Wednesday, March 15, 2006


i've been meaning to write in this daily, but everytime i sit down in front of my computer, i have far too much to say to articulate myself coherently. so, i feel at a loss for words because my emotions takeover... umm, welcome to life under occupation, right?
anyway, the recent attack on the prison in ariha by the israelis has set-off a number of protests and kidnappings in palestine. yesterday was a little tense, but things have calmed down here in ramallah. i'm just beginning to see how life operates under a military state. life here for the palestinians is nothing short of impossible in many ways. the economy, and political and social life are permanently and continuously penetrated by the practices of the israeli government, military, and its citizens, namely the settlers on the west bank. yet the people are really the onl y thing that gives me hope here; if not for their resilience and unbelievably strong will, palestinians wouldn't exist at all. honestly, i have never met such warm, generous, and strong people in my life. you'd think that after having to endure such loss and bear witness to such suffering, the people would be harsh, bitter, and unkind, but on the contrary. often i'm the one who has the forlorn expression in my eyes--only because i feel helpless as an outsider.


Anonymous Marcy said...

You underestimate your greatness yet again Nadia. I miss you like Brittney misses her toight body

7:51 PM  
Anonymous Charlotte said...

I'm myself preparing to stay in Ramallah for a while - to work on a thesis...
Nice to read your blog in between the overall news..
Britney is nothing without that body.uh.:)

1:43 PM  
Blogger Osaid Rasheed said...

I liked your post Nadia. I just wanted to say : good work.

1:58 AM  

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